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Secure Sliding Gates in Flitwick

The engineers at RS Engineering have been out completing installation work nearly every day for the past few months, whilst our in house fabricators are busy creating your perfect gate at the workshop in Bedfordshire. This particular job in Flitwick required a sliding gate and a pedestrian gate made to match the existing fencing at the property. The gates are clad with hardwood timber and dark stained to add protection to the wood and really bring out the natural grain. Surrounded by steel frame, these gates will never shrink or expand as a fully wooden gate might over time and through the seasons.

The gates look fantastic and really finish off the client’s boundary. The sliding gate has also been fully automated for absolute convenience and security. If you’ve been thinking about what kind of gate your property could do with, please make an enquiry today using the online form or alternatively give us a call and we will be happy to discuss and lend our engineering expertise to your project.

Automatic, automated or electric gates as they are also known have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years as they really can enhance the aesthetic of your home front and of course vastly improve it’s security.


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