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Forestry Commission England – New Gate Case Study

Recently we were contacted by the Forestry Commission England asking us to install a new gate for them. Since the installation, they have the privacy that they were looking for, no longer having to worry about unwanted visitors.


Too many unwanted visitors

The Forestry Commission England contacted us asking if we could come up with a better security solution for their entrance road in Salcey Forest. A large number of the public were gaining unwanted access through the gate that they currently had in place and they had to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Making sure it kept the right appearance

The gate needed to have a specific appearance in order to work with the aesthetic required by the Forestry Commission – it needed to be pretty rural looking.

Not only that, it had to suit both people on foot and large good vehicles, as it’s not just a pedestrian entrance but a commercial one too. This meant we had to make sure the gate was easy to use, provided maximum security, and had the right aesthetic to it.

In terms of installing the gate, we needed to juggle the installation of the new gate while keep the old gate in place.

An automated gate that works for everyone

After taking into consideration the specific requirements, we came up with a solution… We felt the best step would be to design and install a bespoke automated cantilever-type sliding gate that had a secure metal framework.

A pair of wooden field gates was attached to the framework to conceal the metal framework, ensuring the rural look the Forestry Commission wanted.

Because the gate’s automated, it provides maximum control over who enters – something that the Forestry Commission was looking to achieve – plus it also makes it easy to access for those who have permission.

We put forward this plan to the client who was happy to proceed and the work was carried out quickly and efficiently.

So how was working with RS Engineering?

“RS Engineering provided a good service. They turned up exactly on time and completed the job as agreed. We’ve very happy with the installation”.

Since installing the automated gate, the Forestry Commission have found that they no longer have unwanted visitors to the premises and anti-social behaviour on their property is a thing of the past.

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