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5 Benefits of Installing Automatic Gate For Your Commercial Property

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Are you in the process of deciding whether or not to install automated gates for your commercial business? Did you know that companies with automatic gates provide a huge advantage over the other types of security systems? This article outlines five reasons why your commercial property needs to implement automated gates:

1.  Greater Security

The single most important benefit of installing automatic electric gates for your property is the added security measure that is provided with the gates. Automatic gates have been shown to discourage criminals from trying to enter your property. Electric gates act as a barrier by restricting access to your building and ensuring that your property stays protected.

2. Greater Convenience

If we compare manual and automatic electric gates, with manuals your clients, customers and staff would have to open and close them when arriving and leaving. Automatic gates are easier to control, with a remote so everyone can enter the property without leaving their car. Finally, automatic gates work as an additional safety measure, by giving you the opportunity to see who your visitors are in advance and control whether or not you want to allow them to enter or not.

3. Privacy

Is privacy a big concern for your business? These types of gates can be tailored at different heights (depending on the size of vehicles entering) to meet your individual requirements and can be restrictive with who can enter your property.

4. Personalised Customisation Options

Automatic gates come with a variety of different personalised customisation options, you can choose automatic gates from several different designs and colour schemes to complement with the theme of your business. Furthermore, you can  add your personal choice of custom lighting to the entry gate of your office which will enhance and offer a more welcoming environment to your visitors.

5. Increase the Market Value of Your Property

Automatic gates also look more aesthetically appealing and give your commercial property a fresh, new look. Installing an automated closure mechanism will increase the value of your gates for potential buyers in the near future.

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Choosing to install automatic gates may be more expensive than other gates and fencing alternatives. However, the several benefits businesses gain often outweigh the difference in the overall price.

If you are interested in installing automated gates for your commercial property, please get in touch with our team on 01525210888, or alternatively, fill in our online contact form to request a free survey and quote.